I never really took Macklemore seriously and for some reason I thought he was black. His “Same Love” song was aesthetically pleasing, but some of the lyrics were head-scratching while others were just a tad too smarmy. Just going off his public image presented to a “mainstreamer”, he was a SJW Drake.

Anyway, recently I heard “White Walls” on a friend’s playlist and it intrigued me enough for me acquire the album. Wow, this mother fucker is talented. The Heist is easily one of the best albums I’ve heard in the last 5 years. Its got crowd pleasers like “Thrift Shop”, and “Can’t Hold Us”. The Avante garde instrumental is covered by “BomBom”, and the quirky category is checked off with authority with tracks like “Gold” and “Cowboy Boots”.

Yes he’s a SJW throughout the album, but importantly he’s a convincing SJW throughout the album.

I’m really looking forward to his 3rd album supposedly releasing this year. Hell, I’ll probably even buy it.