UE Megaboom Review

The UE Megaboom frankly sounds very average with main nitpick being a somewhat bright, synthetic edge to the sound. Sound-stage is rather compressed and not very nuanced. On the positive side though, it does put out immense sound without obvious distortion, especially for such a small package. That’s probably good enough for the masses, and ultimately good enough for the use cases I bought it for. While the UE Megaboom isn’t an audiophile device by any means, it’s excellent for background music or semi-active, non-critical listening.


The packaging for the UE Megaboom is good to point where it can be used as a (albeit rather bulky) storage case. Size-wise, the UE Megaboom is easily transportable though you’ll never forget it’s there. The physical volume (+/-) buttons are large and unmistakable though I find myself mostly controlling volume from the paired device.

ue megaboom review - in hand

The micro-USB charging port and a 3.5mm line-in rest behind a rubber flap secured via a screw-in D-ring. Generally I’m not all that fond of small, detachable pieces (which are easily lost) but ordering a new D-ring screw or flap is the lesser evil compared to sending the entire unit for repair/replacement in case a small movable piece breaks off.


ue megaboom D-Ring

Once you unscrew the D-ring and remove the rectangular rubber flap, you’ll find the micro-USB port is recessed within a tiny (to the point of being proprietary) opening which doesn’t have the clearance to accommodate most micro-USB cables. As an example, I have half a dozen such cables and only one (a Logitech cable) was slim enough to fit.

On the other end, you’ll find the power and Bluetooth pairing buttons.


A nice little drum jingle serves as feedback for powering on/off as well as successful pairing. One thing I do really like is the pairing is very fast and 99% error free.

I recently took the UE Megaboom on a trip overseas and it performed like a champ. It fit snugly in the side bottle holder of my backpack and survived being shoved into overhead compartments, under seats, and generally being thrown around without incurring a scratch. Nearly everyone who saw/heard it was initially curious and ultimately impressed. Again it’s not like I’m going to sit around with a glass of wine waxing poetic about the “3D sound-stage” etc, the UE Megaboom fulfills its role by being portable, durable, and sounding good enough (i.e. no gamebreaking flaws).